Watch Africa Cymru

Watch-Africa is Wales’ annual African Film Festival celebrating the best of African cinema. Launched in 2013, the festival provides a platform for African films, art and culture in Wales.

FAME Shorts Film Festival

The FAME Shorts Film Festival celebrates the diverse narratives of Africa and its diaspora through films that delve into themes like cultural heritage, modern life, diasporic identity, historical events, and pressing social-political issues.

Quibidó Africa Film Festival

Let your imagination soar at the Quibdó Africa Film Festival! Submit your films now on
FilmFreeway and enjoy . Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity

Hip Hop Film Festival

All genres, all stories welcome… we focus on STORIES FROM THE CULTURE… narratives that are reshaping culture across a broad spectrum and influencing how we watch visually impactful narratives.

Joburg Underground Film Festival

The Joburg Film Festival is strategically positioned to become Africa’s Premier Film Festival through the curation and showcasing of African and International films whilst providing youth and filmmakers with various opportunities for development, training, skills transfer and networking.

Sotambe Zambia International Film Festival

SOTAMBE Zambia International Film Festival focus is on African Cinema but we do have an international film award category as well!
This year we celebrate the resilience of African Filmmakers under the theme: ‘One Punch at
a Time’. The theme has been inspired by the famous quote by Rocky Balboa: ‘One step at a
time. One punch at a time. One round at a time.’ For us, this represents the progress and
tremendous achievements of African filmmakers who are kicking it in the industry!

DjarFogo International Film Festival

DjarFogo International Film Festival aims to reach out to local filmmakers, producers, students, professionals, journalists, and all interested in Cape Verde and abroad audience. Their primary goal is to connect Africa with its Diaspora by teaching a powerful program on visual storytelling and the film industry.

Festival De Cine Africano FCAT

FCAT has been marked by the consolidation of the dissemination of African cinema in the Spanish-speaking world, with European, American and African impact. A festival that unites the two shores through culture, being one of the few cross-border cultural events in southern Europe.